The Eyeball Killer

So I may not have mentioned it on this blog, but I am a Murderino. I have long held a fascination with murders, ever since I was a kid. I tend not to share this often, because let’s face it – people look at you like you’re a total freak if you say “Hey so I’m super into murder” at the dinner table. My dad actually always encouraged my interest – he knew I wasn’t going to turn into a serial killer, because we would discuss the books I was reading and I think he found that I was more interested in the psychology and why people kill.

The tag title “Murderino” comes from the¬†My Favorite Murder¬†podcast, hosted by the hilarious and brilliant Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. Each week they discuss exactly what the title sounds like – their favorite murders. I’ve learned a lot (although admittedly, being a murder buff in her 30s, I know a lot of them), and they deliver in a super entertaining and interesting way. Also, I feel way less alone now! I can discuss murder with more than just one friend (you know who you are, all I gotta say is Gilles de Rais)!

Given that I now have no shame in my fascination with all things murder, I thought I’d start a tag and occasionally post my own favorite murders. For the first one, I figured I’d talk about the first murder I can really remember that triggered my fascination. I actually had four to choose from – JonBenet Ramsey, Amber Hagerman, the Luby’s Massacre, and this one. I also debated the Waco thing with David Koresh, but ultimately decided on the story of Charles Albright. Continue reading “The Eyeball Killer”