Life should never be static. As a person, you should always be learning, growing, and changing. For a very long time, I think I was kind of static. I wasn’t trying new things, I wasn’t finding what my passions are, I was content, but not necessarily happy, or exhilarated. I knew what I liked. I knew what I didn’t like. Somehow, though, I had never taken those things and applied them to what my career would be, or what I envisioned the rest of my life being.

That’s all starting to change. I’m exploring new things – simple things for a lot of women, but growing up without a mother, I never really got into femininity. I didn’t care about fashion, I didn’t care about makeup. Now that I’ve passed 30, I’m starting to care. My Sephora Beauty Insider card will tell you that I’ve spent an absurd amount of money on makeup, but it’s fun. My mom loves shopping for clothes with me now, because I’m being more adventurous. I’ve never loved my body – I still don’t, I’m in the process of learning how to – but I’m exploring new styles and having fun.

I finally found my passion – cooking and baking. I started school again (for what seems like the hundredth time), enrolled in a bakery and pastry arts program. I’m making friends, exploring new restaurants and bakeries, trying my hand at new recipes. I have a great group of people to test recipes on with Rooster Teeth DFW, a fan community in which I’m a leader. We get together all the time, and I’ve found what amounts to a second family, something I never thought would be possible at my age. It’s funny – I spent so much time worrying about being 30, that I never stopped to think that maybe it doesn’t matter at all.

My parents, and my grandmother, always told me that age doesn’t mean you stop anything. Keep active. Keep trying new things. Keep learning.

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