Begin, Be Bold, and Venture to Be Wise

It occurred to me recently that I haven’t been writing as much as I should. Given how many changes and new experiences I’m starting to have as a (mostly) adult woman, I thought that maybe, just maybe, it was time to take blogging seriously. Of course I had diaries and journals as a child and teenager – I still remember my brief love affair with Diaryland when I was 16, and I still have friends that I made on LiveJournal around the same time. But since the popularity of Facebook, I just haven’t been journaling seriously. Oh sure, Timehop will show me little nuggets from my Twitter and Facebook, but that doesn’t really tell me anything. I got drunk with my friends eight years ago and sent out a lot of hilariously misspelled Tweets? Great! But where were we? Did anything interesting happen (probably, I am a delightful drunk)?

I may be a little late, but I’ve finally figured out my “life plan”. My instructors are always telling me about goal setting, and it seems kind of silly to me, to be honest. I’m a spontaneous kind of person. Well, actually, not necessarily spontaneous. I think that’s a lie I tell myself to make myself feel better about not having any future plans. Part of me really likes flying by the seat of my pants. I never know what tomorrow will bring, or who I’ll meet, or what cool thing I’ll experience. But when it comes to the serious stuff – careers, relationships, that sort of thing – I think maybe you DO need a plan. When I failed at my first attempt at a small business, I was really down for a little while. Maybe I wasn’t cut out to be a business owner. Maybe I was destined for a life of working for other people, maybe even in a cubicle farm, where I would have no outlet for my creativity in my professional life. My mom is the one who pulled me out of that. She’s been her own boss for as long as I can remember, and she told me: “Sometimes it doesn’t work. You can’t mope about it. You have to accept it, and move on to try the next thing. Don’t worry about the money. Don’t worry about where it’s going to come from. Just pull yourself up, and move on.” That’s much more eloquent than what she said, but she also didn’t have months to stew about it and think about it.

So, I decided. I knew that after my first failed business attempt, I would just do what I’ve always known – running my own donut shop. I’ve been working for my mom on and off since I was 15 years old, so it seemed right that I would “succumb to my destiny”. Then I realized that I don’t have to be my mom. I have to be me. I decided to enroll in a bakery and pastry arts program, and sure, run a donut shop, but eventually I would have the skills to do more. Unfortunately, I was on academic suspension due to my many previous attempts at community college, but I’m getting out of it with the help of my instructors, my supportive parents, my incredible friends, and my amazing fiance. I’m motivated and driven now in a way that I don’t think I’ve ever been.

So this is my little home on the internet, where I’ll post about school, work, life, video games, board games, makeup, whatever interesting thing I’m doing, reading, eating, or playing. Comments are welcome, provided you follow my life rule of “don’t be a dick”. Hearts!

2 thoughts on “Begin, Be Bold, and Venture to Be Wise

  1. I think this is brilliant, Cat. Great job pursuing your dreams. I’m having such a hard time identifying my own at the moment, but I’ll cheer you on from afar! 😀 Can’t wait to read more about what you’re doing!

    1. Thanks, Charity! I’ll cheer you on, too. I think dreams are ever-changing, too. What my dream is NOW might not be my dream in twenty years. Not to mention, once I achieve THIS dream, then I’ll have to come up with another one anyway! My instructor in my learning frameworks class (which is not at all what it sounds like, it seems more like group therapy to be honest) taught us about the “quality world”, which is a theory by William Glasser. It’s really interesting, I might write about it…Once the semester is over, because I’ve written enough about it so far!

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